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Even introverted
hermits can start a knitting podcast.

Hey introvert, I see you!

I know how badly you’d love to

start your own knitting podcast. You

sit there watching other podcasters thinking

how fun it must be, but the thought of it

is frightening + completely overwhelming!

I’ve created a simple, step-by-step system to

take the overwhelm out of starting a

knitting or crocheting podcast.

What You Should Know About Me
I have a degree in education.
I’m a seasoned educator.
I’m an introvert and a
highly sensitive person.
I offer a gentle,
no-pressure approach.
I’ve run successful,
creative, online
for over 10 years.


from the Craft-A-Living business beta-course

“So far, I’m almost in tears at how refreshing it is to be FINALLY taking a course from someone who truly “gets” me! I have a feeling that the completion of this course is going to be life-changing for me and many others.”  ~Jennifer

“I love how it is laid out and how you can work at your own pace. I also enjoy the low stress of it.”  ~Jocelyne

“I’m an introverted HSP and your course is wonderful, Judy! It’s clear, concise, and achievable at your own pace. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your dream.”  ~Charly

“It is very accessible. It is clearly set out in a nice series of easily identifiable and performable steps. Having the first step to be creating an environment is ideal as it is so practical and unthreatening. By advising putting aside just 2 hours a day, you make the process seem manageable. The way you relate information back to yourself makes it feel very personalized and not just some big marketing company.  I think the course is going to be invaluable. It will certainly inspire many people to set up their own new career.”  ~Jinny

“I love the clear step by step directions and how precise the directions are so as not to get overwhelmed. I’m really enjoying these courses and the help you are giving our family;I really enjoyed it. I was able to work through the tasks in a reasonable amount of time.”  ~Angela

“I’m loving this course! It is straight forward and very informative, especially to a novice such as myself. The ability to go at your own pace is a major plus!”  ~Cindy

What Will I Get?

You’ll gain access to ALL of the lessons,
including graphics, lists,
and worksheets PLUS a bonus lesson AND
access to ME in a private, members-only FB
One student each semester will win a custom, pre-recorded evaluation of your podcast or social media site. I offer a recording because I know the last thing you want to do is talk on the PHONE!


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