Craft A Living

Build a creative video podcast you’re proud of. In less time. With less effort. And less stress.

You have this idea. This hope. This dream.

But you’re scared…you haven’t even told anyone your idea yet, but you think about it all the time. 

You want to start a podcast. You love the thought of sharing your creativity with people. But you wonder. 

Could you really do it? 

The idea of figuring it all out, finding stuff to talk about—stuff that people would actually  find interesting—and then having the guts to sit down in front of your computer and do it? It’s so overwhelming, it’s nauseating. 

You’re super creative and you’re passionate about art + crafting. But you’re an introvert. Big time. 

You get so wrapped up in your fears. Sometimes it just feels so defeating. 

You’ve survived tough times—you’re still healing. And the idea of getting in front of a camera and speaking? It’s seriously scary.

But…using your hands to make things feeds your soul. You love the calm and quiet that comes with crafting. And now that you’ve taken steps to build a safer life for yourself, you want to generate income in a way that’s meaningful to you.

You’ve seen creative video podcasts and you’d love to have one of your own. 

But you worry that no one would watch it. Or that even if they did, you wouldn’t know what to say. Or that you’d freeze and look ridiculous. 

You feel:

  • Powerless in a world that celebrates extroverts
  • Overwhelmed by the logistics, time, cost, and know-how of starting a  podcast
  • Paralyzed by the fear of judgement, embarrassment, and not knowing what to say
  • Crippled by “analysis-paralysis”—researching to the point of never getting started

I felt the same way before I successfully started my own knitting + crocheting podcast.

And I’m here to tell you a couple of things. First……

“Your message is more powerful than your fear.”—Brandon Lucero


  1. You don’t need nearly as much time and money as you think to get started
  2. As an introvert, the internet is actually your best friend and a gold mine
  3. You don’t need to be a tech whiz at all to be successful
  4. With my tips and tricks, you can learn to work with your fears
  5. Your voice, as a survivor of trauma, needs to be heard

It took time to finally find my voice again and then it took an entire year to actually get my video podcast up and running. And a lot of heartache, uncertainty, fear—plus way too much time spent researching and stalling. 

I would’ve given anything to just have a step-by-step toolkit  to guide the way. To have someone who could just tell me what to do. And where to start. 

Unfortunately, that magic recipe didn’t exist for me. 

But it does for you.

I’ve already gone through the stress, headache, and months and months of trying (and failing) so you don’t have to. I’ve paved the way so other creative introverts can get a podcast up and running in way less time—and with far less effort than I did.

I put together this step-by-step toolbox for a couple of reasons.

First, because introverts are powerful and their voices need to be heard.

I didn’t want other sensitive introverts to go through the painful process I went through to create a successful podcast. Instead, I empower introverts to get their message into the world, no matter what their passion is. And your message is worth sharing.

Second, as a teacher, I’m crafty at more than just knitting things. 

I’m an expert at taking overwhelming and complicated things and making them simple and easy to understand. 

I get what it feels like to have information overload. Reducing that feeling of overwhelm is exactly what my eCourse does for you. The last thing you need in our busy world is anything that adds to the stress. 

  • The exact steps to take so you can work with your fears
  • A personal messaging plan that will help give you the clarity you need to put out meaningful content others actually want to hear
  • An easy, proven method for getting your podcast or any type of video messaging system up and running

My system sets you up for success in video messaging  and video podcasting. It gives you:

  • The exact steps to take so you can work with your fears
  • A personal messaging plan that will help give you the clarity you need to put out meaningful content others actually want to hear
  • An easy, proven method for getting your podcast or any type of video messaging system up and running

I’ve seen for myself how much power video holds. I’ve made valuable connections and had wonderful  experiences with my own knitting podcast and with video in general. I want you to feel the same success, joy and profitability.

I simplify the process so you can focus only on the things that matter—and not the piles and piles of extra info you don’t need. 

With my process, I help you build confidence, clarity,  and connection.

Those are the three pillars of my course. And the three things you need so you can have a beautiful, successful podcast you can be proud of.

The world needs more Highly Sensitive People to share their gifts. You’re not alone. You can grow something beautiful, something that’s yours, out of the pain of your past. I’m here to help you every step of the journey.

“So far, I’m almost in tears at how refreshing it is to be FINALLY taking a course from someone who truly “gets” me! I have a feeling that the completion of this course is going to be life-changing for me and many others.” —Jennifer

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